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Do you know to wish a good morning?


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Good Morning Status in Hindi

     Stand at any point, don't let life lose your spirit, keep this laughter, don't let any sorrow rob you of it.

Don't take it to heart if a person calls you bad because there is no such person whom everyone can call good.


Let's forget sorrows and live once again, how long will we live like this? Let's start living today with a smile. Morning.

You will have to fight your own battle because here even donkeys advise you to become a horse. Morning.

People say that you cannot be happy alone in life, I think loneliness in life teaches the true meaning of living life. Morning.


Your time is limited, don't waste it on useless things, start living for your dreams. Morning.


Life has taught me that work hard, don't stop and no matter what the situation is, don't bow down to anyone.

Believe in your goodness and burn the evil inside you.


Success is like in the morning, not on asking but on waking up from sleep Morning.

Never make fun of a poor person, because he has made him poor who has made you rich.


               Today good morning WhatsApp status


No one is born great in this world, becomes great by leaving some habits and doing some hard work. Morning.

Don't tell the world that if I had done this work then there would be no one like me, show the world by doing it, it will believe in you. Good Morning.


Remember, if you keep hope from others, you will lose, if you keep hope from yourself, you will win. Good Morning.

There is no use in remembering what has passed, get up and make the best of your day. Good Morning.


Knowing better than us, the one who shows us the right path is actually called his true partner.

Be successful not only for your loved ones but also for those who make fun of you.


If there is any real magnet in the world that draws man to himself, it is your love and your behavior.

Instead of thinking about what is happening to me to make life better, think about what I am doing.


The only way to be a great person is to love your work and not the girl. Morning.

A wrong password does not even open the lock of the phone, so think how life will progress by living with the wrong people.


Keep your eyes on what you want to gain, not what you have lost. Morning.

If you want someone from your heart, work hard till it becomes yours.


Don't ever panic is starting again because this time it will not start from zero but with experience.

Breaking doesn't always mean ending, sometimes breaking up means life begins.


Not all people have a good heart and good thinking, and those who have it are as beautiful at heart as you. Good Morning.

Big dreamers do not fly their dreams by asking anyone.


You will just keep thinking, and everything will go away. Time is precious, start now.

Leaving the door of the world and running after your goal, only time comes for people, your period will come.


Do your work in such a good way that even the work should be proud that you are doing it.

People say that the one who is loved more than the limit does not appreciate love, but the truth is that no one appreciates the one who loves.


Had Dhoni listened to the world, he would have been checking tickets at Kharagpur station even today.

If the bank does not give a loan without a credit card, how will you get success without hard work?


Luck and girl may cheat, but when they support, the world changes.

What is kept in the gross face, friends, the real identity is from your ability.


Sometimes life brings us to such a point when even after doing everything right, we are wrong in everyone's eyes, then just telling yourself that you are just different is not wrong.


If something bad happens in #life, have some patience because after crying, the fun of laughing is something else.


Good Morning Wishes in Hindi


Winners never make excuses and those who make excuses never win, just regret I wish I had.

The more you are afraid, the more these people will frighten you, if you dare, even big people will bow their heads.


Don't be sad if someone leaves, work hard and achieve a good position
Time will make him realize what he has lost.

Be the support of parents, if they do not speak, it does not mean that they do not need anything.


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Work so hard that if you go somewhere after 5 years, there should be no one bigger than you in that gathering.


Those who spend 16 to 35 years in ash without working, the same people later spend their lives crying.


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Have faith in God, he has given life, he will definitely give success too, keep working hard.


The mindset should always be such that we will do what comes to us, but we will learn what does not come.

Good Morning Quotes


Humiliation is not avenged by fighting, but by success in peace.

Even if you don't get to your destination, the path teaches you a lot.


Those who are afraid to fail can never experience the joys of success.

Sorrow looks back, worry looks here and there, but faith always looks ahead, so keep faith in yourself.


Problem coming in life is part of life and fighting with it and moving ahead is the art of life.

Never begin in front of anyone for what you can earn.

Best Good Morning Quotes


Life is too short so it is many times better to fulfill your dreams than to chase a person.

Your efforts determine the path to your destination, fearful people who are afraid of defeat often go astray.


Fearing a defeat, do not take your steps back in life, on the strength of patience, hard work, dedication, you should embrace your victory.

Good Morning Status Images


Life does not change in a minute, but a decision taken after thinking for a minute changes the whole life.

Morning sleep weakens the intentions of a person, anyway people who achieve their goals do not sleep till 10 in the morning.


Whether you get success in love or not, but you must be in love with your success.

While eating food, you must pray that the rest of the house from the farm from where my food is coming should never go to bed hungry.


One who can ignore love at the age of 16 to 30 can do anything in his life.

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